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Name:eridan ampora
Birthdate:Feb 2
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
im eridan this is my dww journal i made it ages ago maybe ill start usin it noww theres stuff here

my tumblrs at and me an my matesprit kar havve a shared tumblr ovver at but i wwas fillin it up wwith a bunch of personal stuff that belongs in a journal so i guess thats wwhat this is

i aint fixin to impress anyone so talk to me or dont or wwhatevver i dont actually care but if any a the others happen to be out there you could maybe say hi if you dont still hate my guts

i guess thats it

Interests (27):

absinthe, ahabs crosshairs, bein a kickass seadwweller prince, bloggin, boats, books, castles, coffee, harry potter, iphone, kar, karkat vvantas, music, musicals, orphaner dualscar, pirates of the caribbean, readin, rum, science, skyrim, space, storms, tea, the sea, the univverse, vvodka, wwritin
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